three truths

You are Loved

You Love

You are Love


The above are the "Three Truths" or, in the first version "Three true things"

at the second Fire, the group associated with the Eternal Flame / the Consort had a project for the fire - we would go to individuals, and ask them "Can I tell you three true things?" If they consented, we then added "Would it be okay if I placed my hand over your heart, and would you place your hand over mine?" (which was optional, of course)

and then, with eye contact and conviction, we spoke Truth to them.


they are listed in this order for a few reasons partly for a practical reason: so you can hear the difference between "you are loved" and "you are love", especially over drums and moans and whatnot but mostly so it is this progression:

you are loved: Venus loves everyone, blindly, unconditionally "for no good reason". This is the relationship of the Cauldron to the Flame; Venus to the Consort.

you love: you, as a person, can see the lovable in others, and love them, with discrimination, as the consort "for damn good reason". the relationship of the Flame to the Cauldron; the Consort to Venus

you are love: the essential truth of being is that you are both sides of that, and the center. we are all the hearth. we are all both Venus and Consort, we are all the totality of the universe. we exist in the interconnection between self and other, and that connection is love. we are not defined in of ourselves in a void - we are defined as a point in a circle, as a cluster in a web, as a series of interactions with the portions of self that we identify as "other" because they are not our own body. one of our central mysteries, that we are all Venus.