Wheel of the Year: Mabon Mix

Putting together the dance mix for my wedding was a lot of fun. This year for the first time, there was a dance party at Beltane. I'm hoping to be part of that next year so I've been looking for opportunities to practice my DJ skills. I don't know anyone who wants me to DJ for their events, so I've decided to set myself an exercise.

I'm going to prepare a dance mix for each of the major sabbats this year starting with Mabon. As I've discussed in the past, when I don't have a fire to dance around, I still find dance and movement a key approach to worship. Without a fire, I tend to dance to electronic music rather than pagan drumming. Either can be a focus for meditation and celebration.

So, rather than just throwing on music, I'll prepare a mix and share it. It will be good practice both for my DJ skill and give me an opportunity to focus on what each sabbat means to me.


My Mabon mix is here. Mabon is a time when we focus on sharing our community. We call to those who might join us, welcome them, and share our harvest.

My practice is focused on transformational work and in particular on self-transformation. So I have focused more than is usual on our own role in the journey home. The mix starts far from home when the shine and glitter of the material world has eclipsed community and home. It follows the journey to home and community and celebrates the connection we can find. It's entirely electronic. Certainly one of the things I'd like to play with is the power of EDM and particularly Trance in expressing traditionally pagan ideas. However, I suspect I'll end up ranging wider in some of the other mixes. Trance has such a broad canon of songs about community and being together that I chose to explore entirely from that focus.

I'm really interested in any comments you have. I'd also be very interested in any EDM tracks you think would be good in a paganish mix.