Spreading Love

There's been a lot of joy lately. It's simple: I've offered connection, and it has been accepted. A number of times in the last two months I've had the joy of helping others find little bits of love and connection.

It's not one thing, just all over the place. I ran into someone I'd felt distant from for years. Something they said was uncomfortable to hear. Rather than maintaining the distance, I asked if we could talk about it. Turns out she'd been wanting to find a way to be heard differently ever since that incident. We ended up hugging, filled with connection.

Other times I reached out not really expecting a connection but was surprised that someone else met me in openness. It was beautiful.

I've had success disagreeing in a manner that builds connection. I was there and someone described their position and expected me to agree. I didn't. I did manage to hear them and to help them feel respected. Then, I shared where I was coming from. To my surprise, I was heard, and respected even though it was a different place.

These little moments of love are simple, but they are also pure. I'm reminded that being a Sacred Lover is first a calling to live a life of love. Ultimately, you cannot spread love without actually making it your own. I've been doing that.

That happiness and success is what I have to share now.