Things Dancing through my Head

A number of topics have been running around my head, all of which will presumably turn into blog entries at some point or another:

And then, some fiction is trying to get out. It's a story about boundaries--both about how we get to take risks, no matter how crazy they seem to others, but also about how we get to assert strong boundaries when we need them.

Finally, today, I was running at the gym. I listened to part of the playlist from my 40th birthday party. I was sad: my world has shattered along with many others since then. I no longer have a community capable of that kind of party. And yet, I realized in retrospect how powerful that moment was. It was beautiful and I'm glad to have had it. It also represents something I deeply want--something I'm still willing to strive for even though I'm starting further down the mountain and some of the easy passes seem to have collapsed.