Swept Along on Life's River

I've started the final entry in the discussion of STI risks--the one on communication with lovers--but not yet finished it. So, I wanted to give a brief update.

life has been busy. In the past week, I've done some ritual work asking for help manifesting Lovers Grove and talked to someone about helping out. I made a start at the final STI risks blog post. I've written over 10,000 words of fiction. I've been feeling some guilt over the time I've spent on that lately, but a couple of things helped me feel much more positive about the energy I'm spending there. When I went beyond what was required for my initial ritual work, I hoped that through fiction I could help others explore love and sexuality in their own way, better understanding the Lovers Grove work, and approach what portion of that was right for them. I had a great conversation with a reader who was touched by the stories in that way. In addition, the most recent short story has picked up new interest, and "Demon Bride" was nominated for an award.

As a lover, last week, I had the most advanced BDSM scene I've ever experienced. I'm proud of my growth and delighted to be able to work at such an advanced level.

On top of the above, I started a job search and have been spending more time with Venus.

I regret that I don't have more to share at this time, but things are certainly progressing.