Election Reactions

I've taken a vow to practice and teach love. I cannot imagine a time when compassion and empathy are more important. There's a lot of disagreement in the US; for the most part, my sides lost last night. I will approach people with empathy and compassion, striving to be understood and heard, even when they disagree with me. I think that is the most important thing I can do to build the world in which I'd choose to live. I reject othering. I don't need to deny anyone's humanity; I don't need to paint them as stupid or less because they disagree with me. I reject judgment.

And et we've elected a president who would destroy everything I care about. I'm not Christian; I'm not welcome in Trump's America. He condones the idea that the lives of people I care about matter less. He perverts the sexual freedom I fight for. As a consequence of his actions and beliefs, a culture of rape and shame is promulgated. Instead of love, he paints boundaries; instead of listening, he blusters.

And yet I understand the feeling of powerlessness when you look at your country and find you cannot trust it. When your belief that you can participate in the process and be heard is no more. I understand reaching out at that point and voting for change, screaming throughout your being to make it different.

I understand because that's where I am now. I do not feel safe. Today, I don't really fear for my physical safety. I do fear for those I care about. Even now, I fear for my emotional safety. I can easily picture being dragged naked out of my house or sacred space, shamed and humiliated because of my religion--because I seek love. Following Venus's path today means bracing for that and preparing to cloak myself in inner dignity when that happens. It's hard to embrace openness and vulnerability.

I fear for my daughter. I fear that her burning fire of joy and inner strength will be quenched and replaced with fear.

Compassion is not weakness. Compassion is not submitting to compromise when the compromise is wrong. I will fight for my safety, for those I care about, for my religious freedom and for my family.

And yet I will love my enemy, even as I fight to the last drop of my strength.