Venus Guest Mix: The Dream of venus and Chuck

{userlink(user=welcomerain)} contributed a post describing a dream about empathy and introspection. I'm excited; this is the first time someone has valued the work I've done in this blog enough to want to add to it; I'm really delighted to be able to work with others as they experience Venus. I find the beauty of his experience brings tears to my eyes, and I'm honored to be able to help share it with the world.

I find it really interesting that Chuck's dream very much has the feel of my Venus dreams. The words are always an after image; they are there when I look back, but the actual dream is in experiences and images moreso than my other dreams. Interestingly, though, the words fall out of the images in a way that I've rarely experienced elsewhere.

I'll also note that the idea of switching places and/or putting yourself in someone else's shoes is a concept that Venus has brought up with me on a number of occasions. Finding instances of experiences that I'd first dissconnect with and challenging myself to understand them was one of the exercises I found myself drawn to during the time leading up to my dedication.