This can make a Difference

The Sacred Lover post was really hard to write. The idea of being open in either love or sex in that way goes against so much of the social conditioning I received. At one level I have not bought into that conditioning. However, there was still a fair bit of fear sharing my openness in public. I kept asking myself whether it was reasonable to want to be a Sacred Lover. Am I just horny and wanting to have a lot of sex? Or is this a legitimate path to changing the world. Is it credible to hope that this path will help people be open about more than just sex. Much of my thinking was tied into kind of judgments that I've been trying to step away from and disavow. I wasn't really wondering whether it was reasonable in the sense of wondering whether given a rational analysis, this path is likely to accomplish my goals. No, I was focusing on whether this is reasonable under that system of absolute morality that I neither believe in nor subscribe to.

I was struggling. I asked Venus for reassurance. I felt her gaze. With some amusement, she asked, "Who do you think I am? What do you think I do?" How could she do other than see the path of openness, the path of the cauldron than as a valid option. She asked me to reflect on who I was talking to. Strangely, that reminder to think on who she is was enough. Direct reassurance was unnecessary.

As is so often on a Venus path, once I've found the strength within myself not to need the reassurance, I find it. I was told a story of how someone went to Venus to help establish empathy. They managed to really help someone consider and change themselves.

I realize that over the years I've heard a number of these stories. And often as not, including sexuality does help. First, now there are people happier using sexuality as one of their Lover's tools. However, being open and comfortable in that way seems to get past people's prior notions of what to expect. It really helps people rethink and reconsider their approach to needs and roles.

Each of these stories fills me with excitement. Yes, if this work can ripple out from individual interactions like that, we can change the world around us.