Still Ticking Away/Sharing with Parents

Around a month ago, I wrote that I had several things in progress, but nothing ready to share yet. I regret that it's more of the same still, while taking joy in all the things going on that make that the case. I've gotten somewhat more than a third of the post about BDSM experiences written. I've continued to work on the Venus project I'm not ready to share; there's been a lot of writing, thinking and research about that. I wrote about how I've been showing compassion in my professional work with Debian. I've been given an opportunity to put that into broader practice on the Debian technical committee. That's an interesting challenge, trying to help build the technical committee into a body that can foster understanding and help Debian's technical processes grow and thrive. I am both nervous and excited thinking about that challenge.

I've made significant progress revising Sam on Love, but there's still work to do there.

Last month, I was visiting my parents. Talking with them about spirituality has been stressful; they are Catholic, and the pagan work I do is foreign to them. However, as spirituality increases in importance in my life, I really wanted to share some understanding with them. As my Venus work starts to affect how I think about my life, it's important to share that with those who I'm close to. I picked several of the blog entries here, along with an edited version of my WhoIsVenus essay to share. Amazingly we connected. They shared their experience with prayer as magic as well as their own experiences with the power of inaction. We connected remembering some of the experiences that lead me to be the person I am; I thanked them for how they taught me to be strong. We were able to offer each other respect even though our paths are very different.

There's also been important individual work, both in my life and interacting with people online.