Beltane 2015

Every Beltane is different. I arrived for the first time with no plan. A lot of the event was spent connecting with my girlfriend. Ah the joy of bringing a cherished lover to open to with the Magic of Ramblewood!

For me the theme of the event was weaving together connections. Webs of interconnected life featured both in the primal and main ritual series and in my work. I'll share two vignettes.

Standing around the fire, watching a member of the community go through his ordeal. A respected friend dances for him, supports him. The drummers surround him; the community watches, screams, lends energy. The fire burns behind. He achieves his goal, we all grow. This is a community where stating your desires and asking for help achieving them is met with joy and respect. Often the desires can be achieved. When that is not possible, we treat that with respect and honor too.

Several people approach me and tell me that I am an important part of their festival. Others come to me asking for help. I'm frightened; I've been woven into the web and I'm helping to support it and hold it strong. I've chosen responsibility in that role. I am also filled with joy and awe to be trusted, loved, valued, to have something to offer others.

I said two vignettes, but actually I lied. There's one more that is important to share. I see my friends, those who I helped weave into our web last year. One has reached out and offered the strand of our web to another. She touches it, accepts his support and ponders her place and whether our community has value to her. Another finds herself more tangled, extending the help she's received in the past to people who need it. I'm filled with joy to see the web building and growing in my small corner of the community. It is love to see your role in building something bigger than yourself.

Give Thanks!