End of a Season

Last night was my final fire of the season. After skipping saturday's Primal Arts ritual, I attended the final ritual of the festival, which will be my final fire of the season.

I'm told the plan had been an impressive grounding ritual. However, the gods made their will known in the form of rain. Yes, there was a fire, but it ended up being a different fire than intended, and apparently other elements were disrupted. So, we had a community fire where we all worked together to create our experience. The themes of the ritual were supposed to be connection with the earth, and each other and ancestors. If you are a bit expansive in the last part and speak of connection with what came before, we accomplished all those in style.

The first dance was one of the most amazing experiences I've had around a fire. I might have been the only dancer at the beginning, perhaps one of the fire tenders was also dancing. However, I really let go, offered thanks and my service to my goddesses. I opened, connected with the drummers and the fire. It was delightful and wonderful; the drummers and dancers built together to this amazing climax to get the evening started.

Then it took off: a beautiful combination of fire, drumming, music, dance, sexuality and performance!

A wonderful end to a wonderful season.