Capturing Child-like Joy

Kids have an advantage. They are at the center of their universe, and when they feel wonder and joy, their entire universe fills with wonder and joy. That joy becomes the most important thing in the universe, filling all that surrounds them. You can feel this in their smile, their laughter, and their entire approach and absorption in the moment.

As an adult, I've sometimes felt a bit sad watching this because my world is more complex and I'd appreciate the simple connection with the moment. It's too easy to see the consequences, the interactions, how you are not the center, how it's all more complex than this moment.

On venus's path I've been approaching being able to live in the moment. This weekend, I finally recaptured that perfect child-like joy! I was at Arisia, a science -fiction convention in the boston area with some friends. We shared a deep love, and all of us had been working on opening up and rejoicing in the connections in our life. There was song, dance, play, and tenderness. I found that it had all dropped away; there really was nothing left in the moment other than happiness and love. We were the center of the universe; we were living in the best of all possible worlds. I captured the joy of being a child, open and delighted, exploring the world and open to wonder.

I've never felt a more intense need to offer thanks to the gods. It stemmed from one part wonder and one part fear of the cost if this moment were not properly balanced.