A moment of Love

I find it helpful to look at my day and find moments of love in my daily life. Sometimes though the moments are so sharp that they jump out and grab you, filling you with joy and wonder. Reading through old email, I found one of these. I'd like to share it, because it reminds me that love is so much more than romantic love, or even the relationships and friendships between people. It's many things; sometimes it is watching those you care about grow and challenge themselves. I was at my five-year-old daughter's birthday, sitting in the kitchen, talking to friends.

I got her a rhythm band set (symbols,

triangle, other small instruments). I had so much fun with stuff like that as a kid. In the middle of the party, she sweeps through the kitchen at the head of a pack of kids all playing away at

full volume. There was screaming, instruments of all kinds, complete uncontrolled noise. I had managed to accomplish exactly what I hoped. My daughter was in the moment. She was love, spreading and embodying the

joy and wonder of the world. She was exploring the dynamics of

relationships as she tried to lead the pack of friends, exploring how

humans work together, trying to find a way to convince her friends to do what she wanted, learning as they asserted their own needs. She shared that with me. I just sat back and

silently gave thanks.

It was also interesting to watch reactions from other adults. Some like me were able to appreciate the kids playing. Others seemed concerned about whether this was disturbing the party; they seemed to want to let go and appreciate the kids but were concerned about how other adults would take it. Others seemed to want to protest: our conversation had been completely overwhelmed. At least for a few moments no one was quite able to tell the kids that they couldn't make fun and have joyous noise at a five-year-old's birthday party. Then the moment broke.