Meeting the Flame

Today, I realized how little I truly understood fire and flame. Fire and its transformational power is very important in Fires of Venus. We speak both of the element of fire, but also the spiritual mirror of the eternal flame. Because I'm blind, there are limitations on how I usually approach fire. People will point out that I probably focus more on feeling it and hearing it; that may be true. Regardless, there is definitely a difference.

I got to meet fire in a new way today; I don't recommend it and don't plan to repeat the experience. but I learned a lot. I lit a candle and then realized that lighting a candle with a several-inch wick was not actually what I wanted. Without considering the consequences, I decided to pull the wick apart--it ought to be weak where it was burning. I managed to grab at the wrong spot (although there weren't really any right spots) and held the flame between my fingers. I only held it for a moment or two. It was constantly changing, never still, different each instant. It felt powerful.

Yes, rationally I've known all that is true. However, touching the fire really helped me appreciate it as a dynamic system. Fire is not the flame; it is the medium that creates the flame and makes the flame possible. I really gained an appreciation for the difference between the spiritual power of flame and its difference from fire. Of course I also gained an appreciation that will be useful for understanding other mysteries in the future.

The price wasn't even particularly high. I didn't blister; I've had worse cooking accidents.